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Malayala Soundarya

This website is exclusively for Ravi Varma’s Oleographs, which is a result of more than 15 years of collection made throughout India. Ravi Varma has painted hundreds of paintings which have spread throughout India (in Palaces and Museums) and other countries like England ,USA, etc.,. Only a portion of Ravi Varma’s paintings got printed as Oleographs. These Oleographs are from 80 to 115 years old, which are hosted as a website. This website is the single largest collection of Ravi Varma's oleographs in India, it says more about Ravi Varma, his style and India’ s cultural heritage . Will serve as a collectors guide (for antique lovers) and help students of art and critics. The development of Indian art cannot be completed without the mention of Ravi Varma’s Contribution. Like many valuable aspects which have been spoken less about Indian heritage, Ravi Varma’s is one such.


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