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                 Raja Ravi Varma - 'Oleographs Catalogue'
Oleographs Catalogue      This book ‘Raja Ravi Varma - Oleographs catalogue’, a pioneering work with the exclusive publication of 110 oleographs/colour lithographs of Ravi Varma, giving the corresponding thematic description of the subjects covering vast topics like Hinduism, Sanskrit literature is written by Dr.D. Jegat Ishwari. Collection of oleographs has taken more than fifteen years of strenuous efforts and writing of the book more than two years for reference work. The book unlike other art publications is without obtaining courtesy from any extraneous source. It gives a comprehensive idea of Ravi Varma’s Oleographs, will serve as a collectors’ guide for antique lovers and help students of art and critics. Could be of immense use to readers who love Indian art and culture.

ISBN : 9788191002614                                                        Price : Rs.2480
Author : Dr.D.Jegat Ishwari                                               Discount : 10%
Publisher : Shriparasuraman                                               Pages : 263
Year : 2010                                                                      Weight : 1.6Kg
Dimension : 11.5 x 8.5 x 1.0 Inches                                     Language : English
Shipping : Free Shipping Within India                                 Binding : Hardcover

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