Raja Ravi Varma

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Awards and Accolades

  • 1873 – First Prize of the Madras Governor Lord Hobart’s Gold Medal for his Painting ‘Nair Lady at the Toilet’ in the Fine Arts Exhibition.
  • 1873 – Recognition and Certificate of Merit for the above Painting by the ‘International Art Exhibition’ at Vienna.
  • 1874 – First Prize for the Painting ‘A Tamil Lady Playing the Sarabat’ in the Fine Art Exhibition, Madras.
  • 1876 – First Prize for his Painting ‘Shakuntala Patralekhan’ at the Fine Arts Exhibition, Madras.
  • 1893 – The World’s Columbian Commission Award for Paintings in Oil, Chicago USA
            – The World’s Columbian Award for Oil Paintings Illustrative of the Life of Native People,        Chicago USA


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